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Does anyone know what to do with VHS tapes? I hate to add to landfill and such (especially since some of them are great movies)

If people want me to I can make a list.

Hooked on a ceiling

I am more than 1/2 way done pulling out all the staples and ripping down trim. The work was supposed to start tomorrow, but has been pushed off until Wednesday. This puts a damper on my work week potential...but increases at home productivity.

If you know anyone that needs the following they are available FREE (but they have to move them)

Big HEAVY Television...not digital ready.

Washing Machine...works fine, we ended up with a newer one (in some ways the older one is more sturdy)

I am a very strange person

According to my wife at around 7am this morning I started beeping.  (I'm laughing hysterically as I write this)  I said, "beep, beep, beep, beep..." She woke up and asked me if I have a snooze button.  This was seemingly enough to bring me out of that mindset (the beeping had no relation to any dreams I had last night).

So, apparently I do have a biological clock and it has an alarm.

I remember

In NZ I'd have the day off, watch fireworks and enjoy the revelry.  Here... I go grocery shopping, run other errands, and look for work.

job interview tomorrow

Humbolt High School in St. Paul.

I applied to this job a while ago (and kind of assumed it was all done with). I am really excited, not because it is so late and I stand a good chance, but because they want me to have a ten minute lesson plan prepared for them. I get to TEACH!!!

So, which of the following do you think I should do...

Poll #1461083 Which lesson plan should I use for the interview tomorrow?

What lesson plan should I use? (10 minutes long designed for 10th graders)

Introduction to class and pterosaur assembly
Natural Selection lab (building paper airplane birds)
Punnett Squares (using Spongebob)
H1N1 lecture (not directly part of the state standards)
Carbon Cycle lecture (short, important, but kind of dull)
Other (please list in comments)


The interview went well.  I'll know by next wednesday.

The king is dead pop goes the world

Love him or hate him or ambivolent about him, he was an icon...we all knew who he was and now he is dead.

strip me of my geek points if you must

The new star trek was good.

It was not phenomenal...but it was good.  My biggest problem had to do with Zachary Quinto as Spock.  I really liked every other character in the film, the plot, and the script...but, Zach didn't convince me he was anyone other than Sylar.

Happy Mother's Day

To all the mums out there!